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Home Projects Media
2012: BTM, Bachelor Time Based Multimedia – University of Tasmania, Australia
2011: Added to Dean's Honor Role at University of Tasmania for BTM
2004: Certificate 3 in Sound/Technical Production – SAE College, Melbourne, Australia
2004: Certificate 2 in Multimedia – SAE College, Melbourne, Australia

Group Exhibitions
2016: DIVINATION (Collaboration as sound artist, work by Sister0), DarkMOFO, Hobart, Australia
2015: Earthcode: Core Litany, Hobart, Australia
2014: What is a Digital Perm?, 146 ARTSPACE, Hobart, Australia
2014: Ministry of Hacking, ESC Medien Kunst Labor, Graz, Austria
2013: Is Starlight a Wireless Signal?, Networked Performance, ISEA, Hobart, Darwin and Sydney, Australia
2013: Nature , Nurture, Node, CONSTANCE Gallery, Hobart, Australia
2013: Notorious R&D, CAST Gallery/DarkMOFO/ISEA, Hobart, Australia
2013: Metal that Moves, Salamanca Arts Centre, Hobart, Australia
2012: The Graduates, Tasmanian School of Art, Hobart, Australia
2011: Sound2light (with Adam Walker), Salamanca Arts Centre, Hobart, Australia
2011: Hobart Art Walk (with Sister0), Various Locations, Hobart, Australia
2010: Tion, Tasmanian School of Art, Hobart, Australia

Live Performance
2016: DIVINATION (Collaboration as sound artist, work by Sister0), DarkMOFO, Hobart, Australia
2014: Subway Sounds, CTM festival, Berlin, Germany
2014: Bent, Twisted and Upset, MONAFOMA, Hobart, Australia
2013: Klapperstein International Radio Festival, MONA, Hobart, Australia
2013: Bent, Twisted and Upset, MONA, Hobart, Australia
2011: Hexis(T)sensual@Error_in_Time, Salamanca Arts Centre, Hobart, Australia

2014: "LostScape" on MuteSound Records
2014: "Wind Up Robots Ascend to Heaven" on RoughSkies Records

Grants and Awards
2011: Hype Creative Shots Grant

Development Opportunities
2015: Earthcode: Core Litany, A series of experimental situations re-grounding computing in matter, Hobart, Australia
2014: CTM festival hacklab, Berlin, Germany
2013: Networkshop with Julian Oliver and Danya Vasiliev, Hobart, Australia
2012: Live Coding Workshop with Thor Magnussen (Live Interfaces: Performance, Art Music festival) Leeds, UK
2012: Started “Futuristic and Free” radio show in Hobart Tasmania
2011: Site Specific performance lecture and workshop with Joey Ruigrok van der Werven, Hobart, Australia
2010: SEAM _Agency and Action conference, Sydney, Australia
2010: NIME (New Interfaces for Musical Expression conference), Sydney, Australia
2010: Create World (Apple Developers Conference), Brisbane, Australia
2010: Networked Performance Workshop with Sister0 and Audrey Samsom, Hobart, Australia

Technical Work / Teaching
2016: DIVINATION, DarkMOFO, Australia - technical manager, sound designer composer, site manager
2016: Internet Radio in Practice, Trondheim Academy of Fine Art, NTNU, Norway - deliverer of lecture series and practical lab sessions to postgraduate students
2016: KItRaDio Internet Radio Station - complete set up, studio management and operation, technical, networking
2013+: Head technician at CAT Gallery Hobart
2013: Networked Art Forms and Tactical Magick Faerie Circuits Festival – Technician / Radio Advertisement Production
2013: Is Starlight a WiFi Signal? with Sister0 – Technical Producer
2012: Versions at the Waratah Hotel – Live Sound Mixer
2012: Error in Time by Sister0 – Technical Producer / Radio Advertisement Production
2011: The Crossing by Julie gough – Surround Sound Design, Editing and installation
2011: Shadowland by Julie Gough – Video editing and production
2011: Country Women's Association Beauty Pageant by Elizabeth Woods – Camera Operator
2011: There's going to be a wedding and you're all invited! by Elizabeth Woods – Camera operator
2010: Miss Desponias Hacklab at Moonah Arts Centre – Workshop facilitator
2009: Trajectories Exhibition - Technical producer / producer / marketing
2008: Kids Song EP by Jesse Shipway – Sound Recording Mixing and Production

2008 – 2013:
Production Works – Stage Hand and Live Sound Mixer
Main Stage Events – Artist Liaison / General Hand
University of Tasmania –IT support/technician (various conferences)
Plimsol Gallery Hobart – Gallery Hand
Clemenger Tasmania – Acting Extra for Movie and Television

Previous to 2008:
Various – Display Builder, Festival set ups, Trade shows (various projects and conferences in Melbourne, Australia)