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The Earl of Tyena

Meditative Video reflection
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Earth Code | Core Litany: Planetary Computing shifting the site of execution to the earthsubstrate.
A series of experimental situations re-grounding computing in matter

Starting with intensive fieldwork researching key Tasmanian mining sites relating to technological extraction. Exploring the impact of extraction on the earth and landscape, participants devised counter technologies and occult software liturgies for the subsequent Core Litany healing ritual.

Earth computing workshop on gnostic transformation of earthly substrates pit bloomery/earth furnace (vents/pumped air tubes) eg. silicon production - thermite/microwave techniques, copper production using diy furnaces, calcite field divination & crystallography.

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Earthy material computers booted and self-programmed by frequency modulations of electrical, magnetic, and light energies, initiating performative cycles of transmission/reception to transform energy and hidden information, intermingling DIY circuits and chemical reactions across a sprawl of ouroboric or exquisitely encoded tabletops.

Earth Code: Core Litany is a project developed and curated by Dr Nancy Mauro-Flude with assistance from Dr Maria Kunda, and inspired by and in consultation with guest artists Martin Howse (UK-DE), Kathrin G√ľnter (GER), Dr Jonathon Kemp (UK) and Prof Doug Kahn (USA/AUS).

Presented by Miss Desponias Critical Engineering Salon, Earth Code: Core Litany was assisted through Arts Tasmania by the Minister for the Arts, and kindly supported by the Tasmanian College of the Arts, Creative Exchange Institute (CxI) UTAS

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Core Litany


Endlessly looping video projection, stereo amplifier, speakers, computer controlled digital delay matrix