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Though electronic art will always be a passion I have decided to concentrate on my musics for a while in the near future.
I intend to be releasing my efforts via and as Hexis(T)sensual and musical styles you can expect will be from techno, dub, ambient to experimental, LoFi, indie and new wave.

I also intend to be working on live sets in each of these areas using my trusty old macbook, APC40 and various little machines and effects.

I may even release some more guitar orientated tracks under my own name in the distant future.

I prefer to get my own sounds and use synthesisers and found sounds rather than sample packs to create my productions but occasionally add something from a sample pack for creative purposes.

I support remix culture so if you are a producer who wants some stem files of any tracks or you want to collaborate on some sounds please let me know.

My tracks are currently going out unmastered - so please keep that in mind !!

Anything that I get released on a known label will appear on my media page !!