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An alternative mapping project that uses geo-located field recordings to explore ideas of temporality, locale and the urban environment. The city is transformed into a repository of moments where sound can travel through time causing subtle reality mash ups that expose contradictions between our memories and our perceptions. Exact junctures in space and time are documented through ambient recordings which when re-visited point to the multiplicity of experiences and interpretations our city holds in its collective memory.

This work was part of the group exhibition Miss Despoinas: Pataphysical Salon_What is a digital perm? for which I also set up a 24/7 FM radio station and DJed at the opening party. Easch artist made a custom set of headphones for silent disco listening.

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on line database of geo-located recorded audio / smart phone / headphones

The project should still be on line in Hobart, Tasmania and instructions for its use can be found in this text file
Promotional / Instructional Video >>>