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Bent Twisted and Upset

A collaboration with the Tasmanian Artist Blacksmith Association
which was part of the entertainment series for the MONA summer
market 2013 and the MONAFOMA festival 2014 both curated by
Brian Ritchie.
A 5 hr remix set - a group of blacksmiths were mic'ed up and
remixed into clingy clangy soundscapes while they worked.
Soundscapes also appeared in the 'Metal That Moves' art
exhibition at the Long Gallery 2013.

Audio excerpt from the performance


Tasmanian Artist Blacksmith Association

Promo Video


Microphones / Mixing Desk / Iphone running RJDJ software /
KORG MS2000R synth / Laptop running Ableton Live software,
Analogue Dub Delay