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Dream Laser
Interactive lasers and sound

Dream Laser was the end product of my
initial exploration into the realms of cutting edge technological
performance tools and electronic based installation. The
work itself is an open-ended tool for the creation of new
sonic and visual worlds and is intended to be used for both
entertainment and relaxation purposes.
To this end the controller manipulates a bed of ambient
sounds while simultaneously effecting the creation of patterns
of coloured shapes and patterns that have been derived from sacred geometry.
The audience is encouraged to engage with the work one on one
by wearing the stereo headphones and touching and waving
about the controller through space.
The intention is for the user to become immersed in the process
of creation itself, have an enjoyable experience and free themselves
from the bounds of the physical world. It is hoped the latter can be
achieved through the blurring of boundaries between real and virtual
space. One transcends these boundaries at the point of realization
that his or her actions in the physical world directly manipulate the
sonic and visual worlds within the work.

The work was been produced on free open source software.
Dream Laser was part of the group exhibition TION at The University of Tasmania

Apple Iphone running manipulated RJDJ application ie. Hacked patch /Laptop computer running Pure Data (Hacked Patch) and Whorld software / Dedicated wireless network / Audio headphones / Data projector / Relaxation ball / Table, table clothe, lamp and statuettes / Fluorescent string