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Glitch Glade

We romanticise nature and debate saving the environment but what is
‘nature’ and how will our relationship with it evolve in the future?
Working with notions of simulation, artificiality and abstraction,
Nick’s Glitch Glade work explores the relationship between nature
and humankind in the technocentric age. By creating a wholly
abstracted digitised recreation of a personally sacred forest glade
Nick attempts to reassess the meaning of this relationship.
Where technology and nature are traditionally seen as opposed,
in this installation they now appear to merge or even trade places.
The work proposes that since electronic ruins, trash, discarded
objects and even automated computer programs often exist in
an unintentional manner; they are also a type of nature.

Audio excerpt

This work was part of
The Graduates exhibition at The University of
Tasmania and also Nature, Nurture, Node at CONSTANCE Gallery.
A review of the work can be found here

6 channel synthesised sound / fibre optics / multiple projections and found objects assemblage / dimensions variable