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Jelly Fish Soup

An immersive interactive world of light and sound. This work invites participants to wear a set of headphones and manipulate a custom build control surface to create a soundscape which then in turn influences in real time the way two sets of jelly fish creatures that are projected into the space behave and interact with each other.
Controls for each creature include aggression, sex drive and food availability and correspond to sounds within the sound scape.
This was a collaborative project with Hobart based film maker and animator Adam Walker and was featured as part of 2011′s Amplified festival’s Sound2Light event.

A live recording of the system being used

A video of the event opening can be found here and a review of the project here

computer / data projector / plinth / home made MIDI controller (Arduino based) /
Pure Data patch / Ableton Live software / Unity 3D software / headphones /
PA system

The MIDI controller I made for the Jelly Fish Soup project runs on an Arduino patch by ben{at}datasingularity{dot}com which can be found here

MIDI continuous controller to MIDI note convertor – created to transmit potentiometer movements from a MIDI controller into notes of varying velocity values that were used to drive functions in UNITY 3D (your computer will need a virtual MIDI driver or sound card) –