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Hexis Sermon

This work playfully explores the links between modern technologies
and spirituality in particular the notion of science as religion.

The work included both installation and performance.
An altar was set up one day before the sermon with a centerpiece of found
technological objects, screens at the side running abstract glitching
visualisations and an embedded reactive sound installation that used
feedback loops to generate a drone type din which was fed by
noises in the surrounding space such as passing footsteps and
conversations. This ran for the day preceding the sermon.

Posters invited all to the First Service of the Pagan Church of Technology.

The service itself saw the high priest ener the space, light the candles and preach from the alter. It included hymns (sing - "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic" - Arthur C Clarke), a musical interlude on noise box and broken down synthesiser and readings.

Apple Iphone running RJDJ application / Laptop computer running Resolume software / Broken Casio MT-70 keyboard / MIDI controller / STORN Noise Box / PA System / CRT monitors / Black Cloth / Candles / Black Robes / Fluorescent scarve / Altar piece constructed from disused computer hardware